Sprint came today and turned on the phone line for us. Again, it only took a few minutes, and like the cable guy, he was polite and didn't push any extra crap we didn't need.

Got a lot of work done (of the money-earning kind), then we began our first real hardcore series of trips back and forth between the apartment and the house bringing packed boxes and tear-down furniture. To my surprise, our entertainment center (purchased at our local unfriendly Wal-Mart) actually disassembled easily, and more surprising, went back together without difficulty at the house. No damage, no missing parts, no left over pieces. I doubt I'll get that lucky again.

I spent about an hour calling different truck rental places to find a U-Haul or a Budget truck to rent, since our big couch, bedroom furniture, and mattress & box spring are too big for my car. For awhile, it seemed like we were screwed, but finally we found a shop with a truck available. The only rub: we could pick it up at 5:00pm on Saturday, and return it by 9:00am on Sunday. We were very happy -- no midday Vegas sun to cope with while we moved. It's hot enough in this city without the radiant heat energy beaming down on us from that nuclear reactor in the sky.

Tonight we decided to take the little mattress out of the sofa sleeper, drag it upstairs to the bedroom, and sleep there. This gave me a somewhat more comfortable sleeping surface (concrete under carpet is not comfortable in the slightest), and we got better sleep.

Even without our bed, we've both begun to notice we've been sleeping very soundly here, unlike in the apartment where there was tons of noise and lots of irritating people around to wake us up again.

Friday was the first of what I hope will be many uneventful days in the new house.