I'm tired and sleepy. After this, I'm going to bed.

I'm even more tired of waiting for our new house to be finished. The builder said last week that we'd get a call this week with our closing date, or at least our walkthrough date. No ringy-dingy, unfortunately.

Still, our visits to the house reveal an oh-so-close building. On our last trip, the power and water were both on (and presumably, the sewer connections were good too). The air conditioner was finally installed and purring like a kitten; although the house never did get unbearably hot (this is in North Las Vegas, mind you), even in the midday sun, 90 degrees indoors, in the shade is still not exactly comfortable. This last visit, though, it was working, and somebody on the build crew made damned sure we knew it by turning it down to 72. Yeesh!

Meanwhile, our apartment is returning slowly to the barren, cold, empty state it was in when we first moved into it. The shelving came down off the walls today, leaving holes I get to spackle in tomorrow when I'm not as tired. Bookshelves we've emptied are now (partially) disassembled, to the point that they're ready to be loaded up on the big truck when the day comes. The stack of boxes is now made of at least 70 boxes.

This move is going to be so much simpler than the last one (from Colorado to Nevada). The new house is 8.1 miles away from our apartment. We will have about two or three weeks' overlap between getting the house keys and having to surrender the apartment, so we will have two weeks to move and many trips available in which to do it. Unlike last time, when we had to pile everything we own into a giant truck and haul it all out here in one shot.

I just wish they'd tell us when the damned carpeting and appliances will be installed; that's really all that left apart from some assorted cleanups and touchups. Once they have the carpet install date, they'll know the closing date. Until then, we sit idly by, and wait for good news.

Haschel47: Don't feel bad; I think it took me nearly two years to hit level 2; I never really considered XP or level to be all that important (some of my highest-rated writeups came from my level 1 days). In fact I only got level 2 a week ago. I was wondering how stuff got voted on ... now I know. You're completely right, though; the XP and level stuff falls away completely when you just let yourself get swept up into the community Everything2 creates. It's by far the best place I've ever been as far as writing goes. Now if I can just avoid becoming a windbag...