Today's business hours came and went without a phone call from the lender. We went to look at the house again; I told her we were just looking, but honestly, I think I went to say goodbye to it. Sounds corny as hell, but in that regard, nobody's opinion but mine matters. I've never owned a house, and never thought I'd be able to. For awhile here, I believed my renting days were over, but thanks to this crap, I'm convinced I'm doomed to live an apartment life forever. I felt that one long, last look at a dream I almost achieved was the least the world owed me for taking it away from me again.

At this point the house is effectively finished. There's a few little things left, but the paint is touched up, the floors are vacuumed and swept, all the circuits are live, gas is hooked up, and the appliances are ready. Just wish it were mine.

We got the builder involved; she asked how the closing went, and I answered. "No closing yet; they cancelled it and haven't rescheduled. Have you heard anything?" This piqued her curiosity, since, as their "preferred lender" they'd have called up the builder's sales office the instant the loan "fell through", and she hadn't heard anything. Maybe with the builder asking questions, we'll finally get some answers. I don't look forward to those answers, and I'm considering getting a lawyer involved if the answer is "no," (fair housing, truth in lending, all that crap), but I need to know; no more waiting. I can't take another weekend of worrying about the mortgage approval.

Whether we get this house or not, I intend to put my writing skills to their ultimate test by writing the nastiest letter ever, to the lender, the Better Business Bureau, and anyone else I can think of who might care, explaining just how nasty this rollercoaster ride has been. Nobody deserves this crap. I understand there's lots of money involved in this, but people deserve a consistent answer. Tell me what I need to do, and I'll try to do it. If I succeed, don't change your mind and throw other requirements in my face less than a week from closing. Don't tell me I'm approved if I'm not.

I've noticed my recent Day Log entries have drawn plenty of downvotes. There's more upvotes than downvotes (thanks for the upvotes, folks), but there's enough downvotes for me to take notice and scratch my head. I was under the impression Day Logs were intended for rant-style entries that weren't appropriate for general nodes. If I missed something, let me know. If you're just downvoting me for shits and grins, you could at least let me know WTF bugs you about these entries. I'm sorry my recent days haven't been exciting or interesting enough... although I don't intend to do anything about that, as I've had quite enough excitement for a good long time.