The title company called today, to cancel Wednesday's 1:00pm appointment for the closing on our house. They cancelled because they didn't think the paperwork would be there in time for the appointment.

I'm getting fucking sick of delays like this. They have had my application and all the paperwork they've ever asked me for since July 2, 2003. What is taking so long? Now, our house will be ready before the closing, or at least before funding has occured and the title transfer is done.

We get to call Sprint and undo the service order moving our DSL and phone service, or at least reschedule it. Oddly enough I still get to pay for the rest of the utilities, since if they get turned off (the builder turns it off Monday) I get to pay reconnection fees even though I've lived exactly zero seconds living in the fucking thing.

Also thought I'd comment on the copyright stuff here since everyone else is. I haven't posted anything protected by copyright, to my knowledge; I'm full of shit enough as it is that I can spew endlessly on my own and still come up with unique crap that doesn't get downvoted too much. Still, it seems to me that things like lyrics, when properly attributed (and when a copyright notice tags along), don't hurt anything.

Then again, I didn't think the big lyrics database that got killed a couple years ago was hurting anything either. Copyright holders these days seem to have forgotten that getting (and keeping) people interested in their stuff, and, hence, more likely to buy other stuff from the same copyright holder, is more important than protecting every last little bit they have. I can't ask the rhetorical question anymore: "who the fuck cares if someone can download the lyrics to a song?" ... obviously, some very silly people with lots of money care.

E2 seems to be sort of bowing to unseen pressure, and, while disappointing, it doesn't affect me too much. Not that my opinion matters to anyone in the slightest, but let it be known that I disagree with the decision.

As far as general attitudes these days though of copyright holders ... my response is pretty simple: fuck 'em. I don't need your music. I don't need your movies. I don't need your television. Keep it all. I won't download any more new music, because the new music sucks. I won't read any more lyrics, because I've already learned the ones I care about. I won't share my music collection anymore, because everybody has already heard Led Zeppelin's good stuff. I think I'll just keep writing my own stuff. At least it keeps me amused.