I wish I understood what makes me stiff and sore. I don't overexert myself, but I also don't loaf around. Just walking around alot can't possibly make muscles in my chest sore, can it?

I'm getting quite sick of the neighbors upstairs; either their toddler is constantly pounding around (making way too much noise) or they're having a fight. 24/7. No breaks. Then the neighbors behind us keep us awake by starting loud shouting matches amongst themselves, in Spanish, for at least an hour at a time.

I will not miss apartment living. Not one damned bit.

Sprint began its parade of lunacy early by delivering the new parts we need for DSL at the new house (filters, basically). 'cept they delivered them to the new house. I got a call this morning from a very perplexed staffer at the site (since we don't actually live in the damned house yet) asking me to come get the stuff.

They also delivered a shiny new DSL modem. It's exactly the same as my current one. Except it's surely not configured and would mean I'd get to play around with their damned Windows-only configuration widgets just to make the bloody thing work.

Heh. Good news is I can completely ignore the new one and use the old one. Plug-and-go. Woo!

We noticed today the dryer is slightly too big for the doors in the laundry area to close completely. Oh well. I care not -- if that's the worst I face moving into this house, I'll take it.