I'm now faced with the frightening realization that it is expected of me to be a productive, mature member of society. I have to be a responsible adult, now that I'm wrapping up my education. I'll have to pay for my own food, which now seems absolutely absurd. I will be paying a rent soon, and a mortgage later.

It will be expected of me to marry, and possibly bring children into the world. I'm in the boat that would starve to death if I didn't have someone bringing me food at the end of the day, and I'm supposed to provide for a family!? Like, scoff! I once forgot to shave half of my face after a long weekend, and the next thing I know I'm a bread winner?

From wearing the same pair of pajamas a week straight to owning a home? America is a strange place.

I've looked for some loophole in society that would allow me to stay in someone else's care forever, but the only possibility involves a trial by jury and reffered to by a number.

So, what's an immature, naive, lazy post-adolescent to do?