This is a more isolated portion but really part of the larger question of what is known among Christianity as the doctrine of Innerency. In essence, it asks the question "Can we trust the Bible" and to this question it traditionally answers "Yes".

For those of you not familiar with the developments in the Church over the last 150 years or so, there are two ways this question has come to be answered. The first, and the one you probably expect is the Orthodox position. The second, more recent development is the Neo-Orthodox position.

The Orthodox position states that the Bible is completely true and accurate in all of it's claims from front to back, and that it is the divinely inspired Word of God. This has been the historic stance of the Christian Faith.

The Neo-Orthodox view states that the Bible is at times accurate and at others not, and that it is a good guideline but maybe not literal or completely correct in some of its claims. Thus, in reality, you can decide what parts you like and what you don't, and whatever displeases you may be ignored as "less credible".

Now, as a person who admits to being a Christian, to me Neo-Orthodoxy isn't even an option for a viable position in the broad scope of opinions within the Christian Faith. This is because the broad gap between the Orthodox (or historic) Christian Faith and Neo-Orthodoxy. Really, Neo-orthodoxy can be used to interpret the Bible as whatever you would like to hear, which is just the opposite of what historic Christianity says. However, let me backpedal a bit and lay a basis for why I think the Orthodox view is credible.

Ultimately, everything comes down to an issue of conscious belief. This turns into a philosophical question which deals with how we justify our beliefs, which relates to whether a secular (or Christian, for that matter) epistemology is justifiable. According to my investigations, the Christian answer to the problem of Epistemology is the only one that holds any credibility. For further reading on this subject, I recommend Francis Schaeffer's Trilogy.