Also called 'chew', chewing tobacco is a finely ground form of the tobacco plant. It comes in two main variants: long cut and snuff. Snuff has a very small size, generally less than 2mm length. Long cut ranges in size from about 1mm to 8mm in length.

In most cases, the product comes in little round containters called 'tins', though the Copenhagen brand chew is the only one sold which actually comes in a tin.

To use the product, a pinch of tobacco is placed between the gums and teeth and held for a period of time. Snuff, as the name implies, used to be snorted. Most users today, however, place the snuff between gum and cheek. The US Senate for a number of years maintained a large snuff box in the Senate chambers, but mainly for historical reasons.

To keep from gagging on the noxious chew juices, most users spit the juices out. Ultra hardcore users will swallow the juice, but this will increase chances of stomach cancer.

Chew can cause cavities, ginvitis, bad breath, tooth loss, mouth and throat cancer. The cancers caused by chew are extremenly painful and disfiguring.

All that aside, chew produces a wonderful nicotine high that's much more intense than that from cigarettes. Popular brands of chew include:

Red Man

Most chew in this country is produced by U.S. Tobacco.