reminds me of everything2 in many ways, except that it specializes in the discussion of topics pertaining to photography.

Beside asking questions and getting answers (or offering them, of course), the members may also post their photographs, organize them into folders and portfolios. The photographs may be kept private, i.e., only you and your inner circle may view them, or public, i.e., anyone can see them. Even if they are public, you get to clearly state your copyright and allow or disallow others to use your photographs (most people do not allow such usage).

When you post your photographs, others can leave comments, which are generally very positive. Similarly, you can comment on other members' photographs.

Unlike E2, most people do not use handles but their real names.

Membership is free, which is quite amazing since all those photographs must require extensive storage resources.

Further, contains many good articles of interest to photographers, such as which labs are the best. Again, members can (and do) post comments at the bottom of each article.

If you are into photography, check it out: You'll feel in seventh heaven. The URL is