Strange as it may sound, my hair was straight when I was a child, curly when I was a teen-ager, and wavy thereafter.

My mother loved my curly hair. I hated it at the time. My friends teased me about it a lot, calling me the lamb.

In retrospect, now I think it was cool and looked good on the youngster I was. One advantage (at least when you're a teen-ager) was that I did not have to comb my hair all through high school.

One funny experience I will never forget: As a youngster I was sitting in a barber's chair. An "old" man walked in (oh, he must have been in his forties, but to me he was old, hehehe). His barber asked how he wanted his hair done.

He pointed at me and said, "Like that!"

The barber replied very politely, "Sorry, Sir, you just don't have the hair for that."

For what it's worth, neither do I anymore. Panta rhei.