"If there is something in this world that you hold very dear to you, would you not want to share it with those you love?"

That depends. What mood are they in? Would they appreciate my sharing? If not, and if I really love them, I would never impose anything on them, no matter how dear I might hold it to myself.

"If you truly believed that there was a truth, would you not want to share it?"

Not necessarily. For many reasons!

  • First of all, if I believed what you believe, namely that there is a personal God who is an absolute being, I would also believe that I was not absolute but relative and, therefore, incapable of understanding the will, the nature, of said God. That means, logically, that if I believed in an absolute truth, I would also believe I did not know what that truth was, so how could I share it with anyone? That would be absurd!
  • Secondly, even if somehow I believed that I knew the truth, I would be very careful about sharing it with others. Truly knowing the truth would mean I was much more evolved, advanced, etc, than most people. I would have to be very careful about not destroying the world they have built for themselves.
  • It makes very little sense to me to be telling the truth to anyone (again, assuming I could even dare to think I was even capable of knowing "the truth"). It would be just an itellectual exercise, at best. For a truth to be useful, it must be fully understood, it must come from within. I might help them figure out the truth on their own, but only if they asked me to.

"If you thought that those you loved were in danger, would you not try to help them."

Only if they wanted my help. If I really loved them, how could I do anything they did not appreciate? How could I ever believe that I know better what is good for them? How could I decide anything for them against their will?

Heck, if I believed in a personal God, I would probably fear him/her/it. I would most likely believe that the God created my beloved ones with a free will. I would not dare to go against such a God's creation. If that same God did not impose him/her/itself on them, how could I go against that God's will?

Trying to convert anyone is absurd and arrogant at best, outright evil at worst. All it could accomplish is replacing someone else's prejudices and illusions with my own.