TV series, since 1996.

Jarod is a "pretender", a genius that can become anyone by feeling what they feel, thinking what they think.

As a child, he was kidnapped from his parents and exploited by an evil Delaware institution, known simply as The Center.

The Center used the special abilities of young Jarod, played masterfully by Ryan Merriman (and sometimes by Jonathan Osser), to hurt many people. The exploitation was carried on by a young psychiatrist, named Sydney, and played by Alex Wexo. Young Jarod had very few child friends, main of whom was a girl simply known as Miss Parker, played by Ashley Peldon, and an autistic boy named Angelo, played by Jake Lloyd.

As an adult, Jarod, now played equally as masterfully by Michael T. Weiss realized how many people were hurt by his actions. He escaped from the Center. However, the Center considers him its property, and chases after him. The chase is run by his childhood friend, Miss Parker, now played by, well, Miss Parker (Andrea Parker, that is). She was portrayed as an absolutely evil superbitch in the first season, but has since evolved into a character that is actually likeable, a victim of the Center herself, tricked into believing Jarod had murdered her mother (also played by Andrea Parker).

Sydney, the psychiatrist, played by Patrick Bauchau, turns out to be a a very wise and good man, secretly helping Jarod to stay free. He, too, was used by the Center, which manipulated him into manipulating young Jarod.

Angelo is now played by Paul Dillon, though he does not always appear in every episode.

Then there is the timid superhacker Broots, played by Jon Gries. Broots can do things with his computer that all of us combined could not do.

Anyway, in a plot essentially identical to The Fugitive, Jarod moves from one place to another, always helping the underprivileged victims and uncovering their victimizers.

The series is high action suspense drama, filmed in Los Angeles, CA.

The series was nominated for numerous awards. It won two Young Artist Awards in 1999, one for guest star Seth Adkins, one for Ryan Merriman.

Great drama!