This is just an idea of mine from several years ago, not some kind of personal theology. After all, I'm a nontheist, which means I am not seriously concerned with the concept of God.

Nevertheless, it appears to me that our reality was probably constructed by some kind of intelligence, so it seems reasonable that there is someone, or a group of someones, that may be responsible for pasting this reality up.

The world we live in certainly follows rules, or a set of natural laws, such as the law of gravity, or the law of action and reaction. This is probably not a coincidence. It is my opinion that these rules are few and simple, though it does not seem that way. The reason it does not seem that way probably is simply because we do not know all the rules. We often specialize in a certain branch of knowledge, and do not see how it all ties together.

Anyway, despite the rules that have made the Universe run for God knows how long (no pun intended), not everything happens smoothly. For example, our bodies are designed to evolve from a single cell to a mature body over a period of time, then slowly deteriorate. But it does not always work right. Some people are born blind, or otherwise disabled. Other people get disabled sometimes during their life.

Why? I personally believe it has something to do with the law of action and reaction. But it may also indicate that the author of the Universe (assuming there is an author) either did not quite design it right, or had a weird sense of humor. Or both.

This brings me to the idea (not belief, and certainly not dogma!) that the Universe we know is a computer game in virtual reality programmed by a teen-age hacker.