Agreed that freedom from religion is not identical to freedom of religion.

Rather, freedom from religion is a subset of freedom of religion.

The way I understand it, freedom of religion implies freedom to follow any religion you want (or even several different ones) including null religion if that is your choice.

In other words, Live and let live.

By the way, freedom of religion is a very good thing!

Suppose the government decided to make my religion the official religion of the United States. Would I rejoice?


I would fight to my last breath to stop them!


Because allowing the government to make my religion official would implicitly allow the next government to persecute my religion.

I spent 29 years in Communist Czechoslovakia where religion was persecuted by the government. All of us Christians (yes, I used to be a Christian) who were upset about how they could dare persecute us needed to be reminded it was our ancestors, who hailed Constantine the Great, Emperror of Rome for giving Christianity preferential treatment, that implicitly allowed the Communists of 16 centuries later to persecute, even kill Christians (and, technically, all other religions).

So, let's keep the Bibles out of the court rooms, and the Ten Commandments out of government buildings.