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Finding Fans and Selling CDs is a [book] by Veronique Cordier and Jason Ojalvo, published as a [pdf] file by [Disc Makers], downloadable from [].

Its [table of contents]:

  1. [Introduction]
    • developing a [vision]
  2. Releasing a [CD]
    • getting your [CD]s in [store]s
    • [record] [release] [party]
  3. Touring
    • touring tips
  4. [Publicity] and [Promotion]
    • [press kit]
    • publicity
    • promotion
    • following up
  5. Conventional [Marketing]
  6. [Internet Marketing]
  7. [Resource] [List]
    • [publication]s
    • music conferences
    • companies and organizations
    • about the [author]s

The [Introduction] starts with the following words:

"This [guide] provides [basic] [information] on how to [release], [promote], [publicize], and [sell] the [music] you have worked so hard to create. By directing your [career goals] through the steps outlined on the following pages, you'll be on your way to launching your act locally, regionally, and nationally."

All in all, a nice little [guide] of the [indie label|How To Start Your Own Independent Record Label] type.

The [book] runs 47 [page]s long, so it is indeed just a [basic] [introduction], but it will direct you to other [book]s as well as [online resources].