Killed I'm lagging worse than a three-balled bitch! by

I leave the remaining nodeshell to gods' mercy.

Killed Integrate your write-ups by theonomist. It was a troll write-up which had nothing to do with the topic. Besides, its rep was at -13.

Killed Another miserable day at my horrible high school by mephistopheles. Puerile, close-minded, unintelligent, self-centered. Accusing everyone else for not seeing the noder as a genius who should be in college and not in high school, wasting his time on Shakespeare. Yawn.

That happened around midnight here in the US. Because the noder was new around here, I notified him beforehand. Alas, he reacted poorly, displaying the same self-centered attitude of all of you are against my genius in the chatterbox. Thank goodness for EDB's ever watchful eyes!

As the morning ensued, I fulfilled my sacred duty to E2, and examined mephistopheles' remaining two write-ups. I was horrified by what I saw. This noder has chosen his handle well! Not only is he self-centered, he is a stalker. My fellow citizens of Everything 2, ask not what Everything 2 can do for you, ask what you can do for your e-country! My fellow citizens have downvoted both mephistopheles' nodes, one all the way down to -11. I am proud of my fellow Everythingians good voting job. At any rate, both write-ups are gone now, nixed, killed, wiped out:

  • The girl of my dreams - a stalker's promise that the girl will eventually have no choice but marry him;
  • Love On A Cold, Dark Night - same as above, but in the form of a poem (strange for someone who says Shakespeare is worthless, disavows any knowledge of Faust, and asks "who the hell is Goethe?").
He now has no write-ups left. But I'm sure he'll post more. How good we have editors here!