Killed i haven't been fucked like that since grade school by bigmouth_strikes. All it told us was what bigmouth_strikes' least popular write-up was. That's redundant. If we really wanted to know, we could find it through Everything User Search.

Killed there's already a node about this, fool by the elusive punster everyone. It said, "There's already a writeup about this, fool". Who's the fool here?

Killed several write-ups by , (sic!). This is a new noder. Normally I don't like killing new noders' write-ups, but try to /msg and help them. But this one says he/she has been on E2 for a month and that he wants to become a higher level noder. If you seriously want that, then please write higher-level nodes (hint, hint, hint!). Right now the impression you are giving is: If the user name sounds like a troll, and the write-ups look like a troll, it is a troll." So, I decided to apply the principiis obsta rule, and killed:

  • Even God doesn't have the right to utterly destroy children - pointless raving about the uselessness of adults. Besides, it has nothing to do with the title.
  • payment methods - all it said was "There are many other types of Electronic Funds Transfer, such as PayPal." Either tell us more, or just link PayPal to it.

Killed E1 legacy write-up in witty by the never-logged-in greaper. It seemed like a reply to something that is no longer there, and was adding nothing to the node.

Killed seeing by Percepied. Said: 'A euphemism for fucking. Example usage: "Deborah is seeing Raul".' Tu dicis, puer!

Note to self: Ching etropic's seeing tomorrow.