Killed Don’t force your phallic philosophy on me by 0137. Pointless drivel that adds nothing to E2. It was also quickly gaining a very negative reputation. Apparently created as an excuse for a soft link to dem bones' holism node. Sheesh!

While I send what seems like a hundred spelling messages to noders every day, today I sent a message to a noder with misspelled Italian. Now I know I did not waste my time when I spent four years in Rome.Mamma mia! I was so pleased by this opportunity that I ended up chinging the write-up after the typos were corrected.

Killed the E1 legacy Broadway write-up by the never-logged-in Tony Tastey. All it said was that it was a stop on the Red Line, but not in what city. This is explained in a later write-up by Woundweavr, which makes the legacy write-up unnecessary. I found all remaining write-ups in this node informative, so I upvoted them all, chinged one, and placed the whole node on Page of Cool.

Found the entire the perfect website node pointless. However, because it seemed well meant, I did not kill the write-ups but asked one of the gods to just delete the whole thing without any XP penalty to its noders.