Not wanting to take XP from a novice, I /msged starchyk and asked her to move her hairdye write-up to hair dye, as hairdye is not a single word and a hair dye node already exists.

I suggested to one of the gods to delete the entire hairdye node afterwards.

Killed more empty write-ups by pinky64. An asterisk marks an empty nodeshell as a result of the kill. If the title is not underlined, one the gods has removed the empty nodeshell.

I went through two full pages of pinky64's write-ups, ordered Oldest First, node by node. There are no empty write-ups left on those two pages now.

Killed Pol Pot by ojnk. It was one of those E1 one-liners by a noder who never logged in to E2. Everything in it is explained in much more detail in the write-ups by E2 noders.

After humbabba posted a great write-up on Trojan War, I have killed the two "legacy" write-ups from E1, one by chaosdiscord (never logged in), the other by KaZe JoNeS (not logged in since last February). I placed Trojan War on Page of Cool, and thanked humbabba for making E2 a better place. If any of the gods reads this, please consider giving humbabba your blessing. It is a truly remarkable write-up!.