Watch your grammar, Folks!

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!

One of the noders, who shall remain nameless because she is an excellent writer but should, therefore, know better, has made that heinous grammar error that makes an editor's blood boil. She wrote:

"for you and I"

No, no, no, no! The for applies equally to the you and the "I". I'm sure she'd never ever write for I and you, nor just for I, would she. So, why, oh why, would anyone, especially a good writer, commit for you and I into writing?

If it is not clear to anyone by now, it should have said:

"for you and me"

It is only because she is such a good writer, and consistently so, that I have not taken away her red pill and did not feed her the blue pill. Instead, I just /msged her. Had it been anyone else, I would probably not have been so merciful.

Hint, hint: If anyone still does not get it, for you and me is simply a shortcut for "for you and for me", hence the me.

E2 Revolution

Regarding the revolution suggested by kenata and discussed in the above logs, let's not forget: E2 is a revolution!

In any other publication on the entire planet it takes the consensus of 3-5 editors before anything is published. If any one of them says no, the write-up is never published. Oh yes, when it is published, it takes months or even years between the time the author writes it and the publication publishes it.

Plus, in the typical publication, it stays published for about a month, or however long it takes for the next issue of the publication to come out.

On E2, on the other hand, everything is published the moment it is submitted. An editor may never even notice it. A lot of crap that would never smell the ink of any other publication in the known Universe stays published here simply because it got through the editorial cracks unnoticed.

Much of it stays even after an editor has seen it. That happens for the same reason police officers do not go after every single offense they witness: Too many offenders, too few cops. So cops only deal with the serious stuff. So do E2 editors.

Really, the way you should think of write-ups is like this:

  • After a write-up is noded, it is in the slush pile (that is what editors of print publications call the submissions they have not taken a look at yet).
  • If it was deleted or killed, it was rejected for publication (that is what is never printed in other publications).
  • If an editor placed in on Page of Cool, then and only then is it published (that is what would actually make it to print in another publication).

Now, that's revolution!

Today's Housekeeping

  • Purified N by treating WyntrsNyte's see-also write-up with liquid nitrogen.

  • Completely evaporated all write-ups in a node whose title I shall not repeat here. To the best of my knowledge (dating back to my days at Novohradska in the 1960's), this is the worst swearword in any language! That's why I prefer not to perpetuate it here.