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Argh! Had to send Writeups disappearing into the void into the void. binarydreams complains of being "sick of creating pointless writeups." So are we. Try creating meaningful write-ups, hint, hint, hint.

Disinfected various crap by stile who tells us all the things he hates and concludes whom we should vote for (even if we come from all over the world). Looks like he's about to get a nervous breakdown. Words of advice, kid: When shit happens, wipe it off and flush the wipe. Read Man will even get used to the gallows for more.

jkfghldagv's Useful Latin Phrases deletae sunt. Had you posted that under Highschooler's Bad Latin Puns, or something like that, I might have been more forgiving cum faecibus tuis, puer. Or maybe not.... To translate: The information was incorrect (bad Latin). The worst sin any writer can commit is presenting fiction as fact. Plus, the noder was rude toward the author of the original (very factual and excellent) write-up, which is another mortal sin.