Whew! I'm quite relieved to see the venerable sensei returning home safely after making a trip around the world faster than the heros of Jules Verne's book. I was being concerned about the dangers of his near FTL travel through Tushita heaven.

To celebrate his return, and cure his jet lag, I left him a list of many a nodeshell to return to the nodegel. He did so using the right effort, proving once and for all that dharma cannot be hurt even by the travel to the West.

Three bows to you, sensei!

Discontinued Golem's The Everything Guide to Being a Pizza Driver. Said, "Don't run me over. Please." That's not a guide. For that matter, it's not even a pun.

Chinged Religion is a salad bar, also by Golem. So, Golem now has a higher node-fu than before I took a look at his nodes.

Unexposed photography by flanman. Here's the picture: "do you like photography, he asked him knowingly. nudge nudge Say no more. A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat." Doesn't shed much light on the subject, does it.

Returned Shewholaughslast by the newbie Shewholaughslast to the nodegel. /msged the noder. This information belongs on the home node.