Gellified cum by Kaleb: " it could bring to mind well... uh..." Uh what? If you're afraid to say it, why did you bother? Not all of us are native English speakers. Personally, I never heard that word before coming to E2, not in English anyway. Because of you I had to look it up in the dictionary. It gave me two definitions:

  • WITH: combined with: along with <served as an office-cum-den>
  • abbr cumulative

Divorced Whats the matter with single white females? from 0x45. Said: "... I mean, they should be all over me!!!" Why should they? It's not hex they're looking for!

More jelly by Kaleb:

  • coolest guy in the world (that would be him)
  • Injuns - quite ignorant
  • ganesh - this one was actually correct, but just an old one-liner ("The Hindi god of knowledge and the remover of obstacles.") obsoleted by LordOmar's detailed write-up (for which I placed the node on Page of Cool).

Zapped zphobic, in which xenophon tells us it is his friend's handle and asks us to say hello whenever we run into him. Sorry, we don't do that here.

Yet more Kalebration. I'll just list it here:

  • Jonathan Harper
  • uh...
  • wild Indians
  • vulgarized
  • Noli
After this, I had to wash my hands thoroughly with Clorox to get rid of all the brown gel that stuck on them while wading through Kaleb's gunk.

Ditched Dizzy is a Studmuffin by nine9, dizzy, Katyana. Too many calories, no nutritional value.