Regional capital of Southern Bohemia in Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice (also known by its German name Budweis) is a fairly big city with a nice historical center as well as a lot of modern architecture.

Of the most interest is the historical center with nice medieval buildings. The modern section is less interesting.

It is best known for its beer, the real Budweiser comes from there and is still brewed there.

I spent some time there during my military service in Czechoslovak Army. I was stationed in Cesky Krumlov which is about 50 km south of Budejovice.

Since I was a clinical psychologist in civilian life, I was friends with all the meds in our batalion. And since I did not care for the military service, I arranged with them to send me to visit a neurologist in the Budejovice military hospital.

I complained of headaches, but the neurologist could not find anything wrong with me (of course not, I was faking it). He sent me to the military psychiatrist. His name was Dr. Hroch, which means Dr. Hippopotamus (I kid you not!). The psychiatrist sat at his table, leaning on his typewriter, staring at me through very thick glasses (Larry King reminds me of him). He asked me a zillion questions for about half an hour, to all of which I gave perfect answers (hey, I was a clinical psychologist, after all).

Finally, he asked me what I was in civilian life. When I said I was a psychologist, he smiled and said: "You may come once a month."

So, I came once a month, he signed my med book without letting me wait, and then I had a nice day off in Budweis.