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I am Byfirstwindwhitewing POCUMTUCK PROPER OF THE POCUMTUCK CONFEDERACY: Having noticed you have nothing (virtually nothing) about the Confederacy and it's recent involvement in assisting the Abenaki gain recognition in VT, the recent film released in MA regarding what is known as the "Mohawk Trail" (which should be remembered as the POCUMTUCK TRAIL), our involvement with "Old Deerfield" and our history as it is even documented near "point of contact" by George Sheldon, and the many things we do for all our relations when asked without any need for recognition by any other to tell us who we are, we believe it is only right, and prudent, for all to know that not only did we have a significant role in Metacombs War but that the Warrenoke POCUMTUCK Chief GREYLOCK was NOT Abenaki, he later launched raids from VT (known only as NH & NY THEN) and because his POCUMTUCK FAMILY had been killed by the Whaseech, he took another Abenaki Wife laterin life and he and Sagamore (Speaker) "Sam" were among the last to wage war from their haunts in VT.
Ancient Confederacy Bounderys can be easily found and documented as most of MA, southern VT & NH as well as NY & CT! We remain in all those areas though many migrated to Abenaki in what's now VT to St. Francis, Odinak, etc., etc., etc.. What remains important is that many of us REMAINED (including my family line) in our Traditional Motherland and remain there today. I am, was, angry that though the name Pocumtuc was linked in the home page when it is accessed a message appears saying there "is nothing available about this subject". Well there is MUCH available about this "SUBJECT", and as I learn my way about this Site I will offer it to you all.
I am a Harvard Graduate School of Education (founded for Indigenous People) trained Counseling Processes Practitioner, Headman for my People, 25 years Sober, and committed to helping others seeking a place on the Red Road. And for now, I take yor advice, begin to explore, and say no more, except Akwanna! Adio! Or Ohnaumagnee a Manitioux!