This is ridiculous.

Being physically 'beautiful' does not exempt anyone from the pain of interpersonal relationships. It does not exempt anyone from experiencing feelings of longing,loneliness, or betrayal, or from empathizing with those feelings in others. Being physically beautiful may mean that everyone wants to fuck you, but it doesn't mean that anyone will respect you. It doesn't mean that the person in the world you care most about won't hurt and reject you.

You envy these beautiful people, because you are convinced their beauty opens all the doors that you feel are closed to you, and lets them sidestep all the difficulties that you face each day. You feel that if only you were beautiful too, all your problems would melt away and be forgotten. But in reality those problems would simply be replaced with different ones.

Christina Aguilera has almost certainly felt resentment and alienation in her lifetime - just like everyone else. She may have walked sickened and dazed through the same horrible wet rain that you have. To assume that these celebrities are simply too beautiful ever to have experienced the emotions which they sing about, is shallow, ignorant, and self centered in the extreme. Fat, stupid, and ugly people do not enjoy a monopoly on broken hearts.