A game of skill, nerve and chance that you can play next time you are waiting for a bus and you don't know when it is due.

To be feasible it requires a bus route where you know there is another stop a short walk along your route and you have a fairly clear view of any approaching buses. The aim of the game is to make your journey quicker, cheaper or simply to get away from some mad person at the bus-stop without missing the bus.

Once you have decided to make your move, perhaps prompted by a suspicious lack of people waiting, you should set off at a normal pace. Every little while, take a glance over your shoulder. If you see a bus approaching soon after you have left then you can return to your original intended departure point, nothing lost. However, as you move further away the situation becomes more dangerous. There will come a point where however fast you dash back, the bus will have left your original stop.

This is the point of no return. Do or die. You are now committed to the next stop.

When you judge that you have reached this stage you should usually increase your pace substantially. Your goal now is to be in a position where, upon sighting a bus, you are able to arrive at the next stop before the bus leaves it. If you are lucky, you may already be in such a position and may even be thinking ahead to the stop. Otherwise you are in the Dead Zone. If you spot a bus whilst in the Dead Zone then you are lost. You can't go back and you can't go forwards. You've missed it and lost the game.

Clearly, once you have entered the Dead Zone the only thing to do is to leave it. As you exit it (and indeed as you enter) it is vitally important that you crank your head round every few seconds as if you suspect you are being stalked. If the bus comes around the corner at this point you will have to move as fast as you can if you want to get it.

Good luck, creepers!