Acted on an irrepressable urge to create today. Went to local electronics shop feeling 'let's make robots'. Feeling slightly insane but felt I should go with it. Haven't played with solder since I was a spotty teenager and had forgot what a thrill it was playing with the sticky, metallic drop. Rigged up motors, solar panels, fan blades and LEDs into various largely pointless circuits. Dissected an unused phone unit, scavanging the entrails for a speaker, some switches and assorted components.

Spotted a long arthropod scurrying across my bed. Emptied out a jar of knick-knacks and trapped him. Watched him, with equal measures of revulsion and awe, lapping the base of the jar for a while and decided that my attempt at robotics would be a waste of time.

Finally, saw Amores Peros with girlfriend. Afterwards we talked about her significant ex (again!) whom I am soon to having the pleasure of meeting. Joy...

It was a clear sky and the stars were all out but I didn't recognise them.