A bunch of dreams. As usual, impossible to remember all the details and nuances but...

I'm driving along a tiny winding country track in a tiny green vintage sports car. I come across a small tent across the way with various clothes and junk scattered outside. I feel a little guilty as I have to drive over some it to get by. When I'm past, I try to accelerate but am slowed down. Looking back I see that I caught on the tent and am dragging it and it's occupant along. I stop and find that the tent owner is a guy from school, one of the most popular guys in the class. I'm overjoyed, ask how he is, and so on. He's got a toddler, a beautiful boy. I pick him up and hold him and I get an amazing rush of happiness..

Give a big hand for quarter-life crisis, folks.

Next, I'm in a big castle which is surrounded by savage wasteland. With me in the castle are a collection of exotic characters or monsters. They're very impressive but it doesn't take long to realise that they are just in colourful costume, and they seem to be performing for my benefit. One of the characters, just inside one of the rooms, is made up as a big, blue monster or something, but has fallen asleep. As I open the door she wakes and tries to play the character not realising that she has rolled out of the costume. I am immediately smitten by this bleary-eyed blonde. We tumble into a bed and..

..my landlady calls loudly on the door to remind me that a man is coming round to fit the blinds after 9am and will need access. Damn.. damn.. damn!