I'm with company (although I'm not sure who) in a grand, old stately home. Looking through a door into the courtyard I notice that a film or tv shoot is happening. They are filming a wedding in 1930's style. Wandering around I begin to notice the whole place is crawling with extras. Lavish costumes from several eras being modelled by even more lavish characters strutting their stuff.

Eventually, I/we come to a wing where everyone is in normal garb. I buy a Mars bar in the canteen. To my disappointment, it is not subsidised (costs 50p) but the lady at the till oh-so-casually enquires how the shoot is going, whether my equity card is up to date, etc. I bluff, 'Yes, thanks!' and hurry off feeling fretful.
Trying to get out.
Lot of top-notch designers, craftsmen, costume-makers...

Realisation - I/we are the focus for this production! It's for my benefit! With this epiphany under my belt I start to swagger about, feeling invincible. I spot John Thaw and hail him, 'Morse..!' in my plummiest tones. I'm getting matey with everyone.

Several people are invented. I vote them down. This puts them at 0 xp.

Later dream..

I'm in a big, plush bar. Very strong bouncers in waistcoats are setting out tables in rows for easy access (in case something happens). I'm impressed by their strength as they hold these table aloft by their cast-iron legs.