October 1, 2001

The Rural CSSification Project Marches on Towards Inevitable Socialist Workers' Victory.

Added some CSS stuff to basichead htmlcode: If $$THEME{ 'oddRowColor' } exists, it adds a .oddrow class, with a background-color of $$THEME{ 'oddRowColor' }.

See root log: September 2001 for a detailed rundown on what oddRowColor is all about.

Added appropriate oddRowColor

values (or at least ones that I like) to classic theme and all four of its "settings" nodes. If anybody finds the colors repulsive or horrifying, /msg me and we'll work it out. In all five cases, I think the themes look better now than they used to. Well, "water settings" might be a judgement call. Yeah, and somebody did say that my initial attempt for the regular classic theme reminded him of "Barbie's Dream House", so we had to find something else for that one.
October 2, 2001

Okay, when you search for a node that doesn't exist, the "Findings:" page offers to let you create it. For regular users (not gods, who shouldn't need any coddling), the "Findings:" page now lets them edit the name before creating. This is because a lot of users -- especially new ones -- just casually type titles in all lowercase and hit "Search", expecting to find the node. When they get "Findings:" instead, they just hit the create link and write a writeup. Then one of the gods sends the user a sad /msg about how they should be careful about capitalization in titles, and it's a hassle for everybody. Okay, now it's much easier for them to get it right. Thanks to C-Dawg for suggesting this one a few weeks ago.

The changes are in e2createnewnode.

October 5, 2001

Messed with N-Wing's chatterbox italicization so s/foo/bar and s/foo/bar/ will work.

October 6, 2001

More ekw theme hijinks:

  • There's now a "Canned Schemes" dropdown which does just what you'd expect.
  • The <hr /> under the header has been replaced by a two-pixel table row with the same background color as the E2 logo. I put the same thing at the bottom of the page, too.

I'm still contemplating what to do about "weblog" entry headers.

October 8, 2001

Messed further with N-Wing's chatterbox italicization and bolding: We now have the /literal command, which bypasses all that stuff. This matters because URLs kept getting italicized.

October 11, 2001

Wrote Usergroup Press Gang, which allows gods to add multiple users to a usergroup at once. The old way was miserable. I also added links to it to usergroup display page and usergroup edit page.