We didn't need light because we could smell the shape of the walls. We had no eyes anyway, or at least none that we knew about. I don't remember anything about eyes. But who would have thought of them? It only seems obvious now.

There were a dozen of us. I don't know where we came from, but there we were. There was food in a corner and water in another corner, and a place to do the thing, and another for the other thing. Naturally I can't talk about those two things, but we did have places for them. There was another place that I'd rather not discuss at all, and sometimes I went there as well.

After a long time there was a thing that made us go out, so out we went and there we were all over again, but somewhere else. When that happened the long snaky hard things came loose, but we all still have the shiny hard parts where they stuck into us.

I've gotten used to being outside, though it hurts my feet sometimes and when I fall into the water it's very bad. I try not to fall in but it happens and I try to keep a good attitude about it. I don't know what it's there for, but it's good to drink some when I want to drink, and now that we have no food it's a good place to catch the little running things. There are also the slimy things that move in the water that I can catch when I'm lucky and patient. Usually that's when I fall in.

At first I kept feeling like I should be doing something with the others, or just one of the others, but I never knew what it was and it didn't seem very important. Now I think that was the important thing, but it's too late.

It's getting dark again. It's been getting dark for a while, and cold, and I'm very tired. If I don't rest much and I walk, there's a humming sound inside my stomach and I have to stop. I don't understand.