"The problem is they really want to make sure you are not carrying a bomb"


Frankfurt airport has the same deal with departures to Israel, except English is spoken (or was three years ago when I was there). There were many very solemn men with machine guns (mostly small machine guns, but some large). The terminal was remote, and the searching of luggage was fanatically thorough.

Here's the point: My view of all this was very laid back. There were sure as hell going to be no bombs on that airplane1. I don't recall anybody else complaining much either. If I ever go to Israel again, it's good to know that Munich is a viable option if I can't change planes in Frankfurt.

At Ben Gurion on my way back home, they had grave doubts about letting me on the plane at all: They called a VP of the company I was travelling for and dragged him out of bed on a Friday morning2 to vouch for me. Again, I thought the whole thing was pretty cool.

I know it's not the 1970s any more, but security isn't something you play games with, and bombs still go off on the ground in Israel from time to time. I don't know about you, but I'd feel pretty silly getting blown up in midair.

1 Except for the Jurassic Park sequel we had to sit through, ba-dum-chshhh...
2 Friday's on the weekend in Israel, for those who don't follow such things.