Psydereal forgot the traditional means of limiting the franchise: Literacy tests and property requirements. Those two methods of keeping the "wrong people" from voting were very popular in the American South for decades (and somewhat farther back, the rest of the country as well -- don't start getting too proud of yourselves, ye Northerners). That's all behind us now, and I don't get the impression that very many Southerners would care to turn back the clock -- but if Psydereal has a real problem with the Civil War Amendments, that's the place to start.

Incidentally, at the ferociously capitalistic free-marketroid software startup where I work, we have a very different philosophy about user interfaces than Psydereal has: If it's not clear to every user who sees it, we fucked up. But we're funny that way. We don't mind taking responsibility for our own fuckups.

By the way, we're profitable. Coincidence, I'm sure.