An endless evening of unspeakable delights awaits you
at the Boston E2 Severed Head Barbeque.

Saturday, August 11, 2001

As the ox is gored, the band will play --
With severed heads a-sputter on the grill!

...and a sweet savor will arise unto the heavens.

You're all invited to the party, even if you'd rather not be.

The angular severed limbs and rolling heads will roast over an open fire for your enjoyment, a spectacle of pure gastronomic delight. It's a pity about the ox, but the vittles are bound to be scrumptious. And did we mention liquor? There will be liquor, there will be proteins, fats, and starches -- and then there will be more liquor.

Insensate revellers lulled by the howls of the unshriven dead!

Eleven cripples will dance madly to the grating dissonance of paretic trumpeters1. Blinded larks will sing ever so sweetly as they weep eyeless tears on the bloodied ground. Grim and hooded flensers will carve the charrèd flesh served up on plates of stone. The Bull of Heliogabalus2 will crown the fun.

You will be amazed, we guarantee it.

August 11, 2001

At Cow of Doom's house. This is not a drill.

You WILL attend!



2A hollow iron bull wherein the mad emperor Heliogabalus roasted slaves alive at imperial banquets. I am not making this up.

The weasels are coming to get you, to get you!