Crap zapped:

  • User smi2lez, last seen in July; all his worldly writeups killed. All two. No loss.

    • Tim Hartman: Some babble about somebody he knows.

    • Camp Nuhop: Some linkless and semi-coherent babble about desecrating religious artifacts at camp.

  • what to do if you've driven yourself crazy and stayed up all night because the perfect node popped into your head but when you go to submit it you realize the node has no content and that all you're left with is a really elongated title by Aeki

    Maybe dannye was quicker on the draw than I was, but I like to think the kill was mine. Kids? Don't do crap like this.

  • Tempestuous by Unstrung (last seen in May)

    I think he or she was trying to be poetic, but it didn't work out very well. It just didn't make any sense.

  • punch thy own damn self by pihwlook

    The user went to that node which docks you 10 XP, and -- in a good-natured way -- he wonders rhetorically if he'll ever get his XP back. He won't. In fact, he lost five more. I had a conversation with him about doing a nuke request, and in a laid-back, mellow kind of a way he just doesn't give a damn about XP. That's pretty cool, I think. That attitude is very pleasant and refreshing. But I still killed the writeup.

  • The Creator of the Universe is not going to waste His time sucking heat-energy out of your mixed vegetables by b_o_leary

    "He's far too busy going around to atheists houses and breaking their windows."

    I concur with the softlinker: Earn your bullshit. Or better yet, don't node bullshit at all. I'd also suggest learning the difference between a plural and a posessive in modern English. The joke in the title falls flat without context anyway.

  • User rfc1394 (noisome newbie): February 1, First Day of the Year, July 4, day of the year. He seemed to be noding all 365 days. Very thorough, but also pointless. dannye bagged a few, too.

    If he doesn't fix Nicolette Larson, I'll nail that one, too: "Chuck E's in Love" was recorded (and IIRC written as well) by Rickie Lee Jones, not Nicolette Larson. Furthermore, Larson died quite recently, not in 1977. This will be on the quiz. Okay?

  • political correctness by revscat23

    "What Dman blames everything political on. Being PC is worse, apparently, than eating kittens."

    This is not a definition of the term, it's a flame of a noder who didn't even have a writeup there. I reproduce the text only because of the "eating kittens" part, which is funny because DMan has written at length about eating cats. I didn't want that to be lost. If you absolutely must flame people, either do it in the Chatterbox, or leaven it with useful information. If you find one of DMan's political writeups and flame him while refuting his position, or even just making an honest attempt to refute it, that's okay. You gotta have content.

    I don't mean to suggest that there's anything particular about DMan with all this. You could flame me in the same way, or anybody. Literally anybody! Really. The sky's the limit. Flame your little hearts out. But if you do it wrong, CHOP CHOP CHOP the editors will come and CHOP your little legs off, and you won't like that much, will you? OHH no, nope, no you won't. Not one bit.

    This user got his XP back because he was a cool dude about it. You almost certainly will not fare so well. Don't push your luck.

I think Bertron will have to be cleaned out, but right now I'm tired and discouraged.

Removable user(s): smi2lez

Useless nodeshells: Tim Hartman, Camp Nuhop.

/msg Senso {j4bb3rw0x0r} is a bit marginal. it would help a lot if you did pipe-links to non-'l33t versions of the words. that would help with reading it, too: one could mouse-hover for hints when in doubt as to meaning. /msg Spydr {an infinite loop} seems a bit useless. i'd call it recursion anyway. furthermore, we've got a dozen versions of that joke under various names. i think a nuke request would be a good idea. /msg Immaculate_Deception i just read {saccharine bass}, and you might be surprised how many people know what "saccharine" means. the latin tag is clever, but you should either hard-link or translate it. /msg b_o_leary {The Holy Bible} needs hardlinks, and the quoted text should be placed between quotation marks, like so: "quoted text".