I sat in the cramped node-blind for hours on end, growing exhausted and hungry, drinking hot bitter coffee from the bladder of a yak. I pinched myself to stay awake, and made sympathetic gestures to my companions as they sank helplessly into the ooze. In the end, only the crowns of their heads could be seen.

The mud-flats extend for miles, the day was overcast, and Lyo-Lyok had gone on to Norway early in the morning. Finally, as the day began to grow dark, I spied my prey. I raised my mouse and clicked: Once, twice. It fell, flapping crazily. Its piercing death-wail froze me to my very marrow. My faithful avocado, Charles, sprinted clumsily across the flats to retrieve the cooling corpse of the fallen writeup.

  • devices by HoberMallow (never logged in on E2)


    My friends, there are people in this world who know what that means already and will learn nothing from it. They are the only fucking people who will have the slightest goddamn idea what the hell it's about. The rest will see six more-or-less arbitrary symbols and shrug. If somebody wants to go there and write a clear, layman-comprehensible explanation of what's in /dev on a UNIX system, what it means, and what you do with it, I'll ching the damn thing before it hits the ground -- but this cryptic nonsense is not what we are looking for.

    Somewhat later: tribbel has now graced E2 with an excellent device file writeup.

  • King Hom by DavidWatters (never logged in on E2)

    "King Hom! See also: Hom." Uh, Beavis? You're a dumbass. A lingering unsightly nodeshell remains.

In support of dannye below: The only sensible uses of <pre> tags are for code samples and tables. They have absolutely no place in poetry or lyrics; the font is painful to read, and you can use <dd> to indent if you must indent. Lines should never be more than eighty columns wide, because if they're wider the page will be unviewable for some users; if you go much over a hundred it'll be unviewable for most users. Nobody wants to scroll back and forth for each line, and very few will waste their time doing it. If you have to break up long lines, then break up the long lines. I think savagely misformatted <pre> tag garbage should be grounds for killing a writeup, myself. Certainly it's worth a downvote. The following line is eighty columns wide, and that's plenty. Don't assume that everybody has a 21" monitor. It was originally ninety, but I got feedback from somebody for whom it was too wide. The user is always right, because he can take his attention span elsewhere.


/msg Psk {Atributing basic human characteristics to one's own personality} needs a title edit; there are two 't's in "attribute". also, in the body, there's a typo in the "normalcy" link. /msg Usagi {The Green Album} could use some hardlinks for the song titles, don't you think? revscat23 in {you suck} yammers incoherently about "menial importance". /msg'd with gentle reminder which at the end of the day resolves to "you're a fucking idiot, change it to 'minimal' or i'll beat your worthless head in"