Dragged out into the street and shot like dogs:

  • you fucking hosers by ford_prefect (last seen Jan 25, 2000)

    He doesn't like people who disagree with him. A worthless nodeshell remains.

  • is it just me, or is there a gap in the line between writeups? by rabidcow

    Something incoherent about Mozilla, with broken and misspelled links. I asked the user if he wanted me to kill it and he didn't seem to care.

  • Shrooms by Rizzo (never logged in to E2)

    "kids... try this at home... psilly rabbit... trips are for kids". Thanks for clearing that up. The other writeups there are fine examples of informative noding based on personal knowledge.

  • Wal-Martini by vole (last seen May 25, 2000)

    The user started out with a mildly clever pun, but didn't know what to do with it. So, s/he proceeded to babble feverishly about how s/he was "not sure where to go with this one". In other words, it'll be a credit to the nodeshell community, but it shouldn't have been a writeup. If the only content you've got is a clever title, leave it at that.

  • otaku by IvyNeko (never logged in to E2)

    The user has a friend who talks on IRC a lot. So?

  • I've worked out how to incorporate hard core lesbian pictures into a writeup! by surturz (last seen July 31, 2000)

    "Actually, no I haven't. Time to start using your mouse with your right hand, pervert! :-) " A worthless nodeshell remains.

  • F/X by fluffhead (last seen April 25, 2000)

    "See SFX or Special Effects." I made softlinks for the two links.

check out The Invisible Man (chapter2) and other early chapters for hardlinking *#0000# -- suggested title fix, user is Merlin83