There's all these . . . things . . . crawling around on the floor . . . most of 'em are pretty cool, but -- YAAGGHH! There goes an ugly one! Jesus Christ, what is that thing . . . Squish.
  • "in" everythingians by everyone: "Current list of 'in' everythingians:" followed by three names -- none of whom, incidentally, would give a damn. This bullshit is asinine, childish, and dull. Grow up.

  • previous node by coplan: "The following node is true. " "Following node" is linked to "following node", which we'll be dealing with in a moment.

  • following node by coplan: "The previous node is false." "Previous node" is linked to "previous node", which we just saw. This is obvious and it's been done to death, both here and in high schools everywhere. Even Gödel had a go at it, if I recall correctly. Adding hardlinks doesn't make it profound.

Nodeshells We Just Don't Need: "in" everythingians, previous node, following node

I considered cutting my toenails, but they're my only natural defense.