I stalked and circled the herd for hours until I saw the weak ones: I knew they were the ones. They had the look of being the right ones. They were crude, ill-formed, limping. They had a smell of being unworthy. I desired their flesh. I struck.

  • Theory and an identical writeup in dream by otnooishphoo (E1 user, showed up 9/16/2000 for (literally) three minutes, not seen since): "Perpetual Dream Theory...? Perpetual Dream Theory." Turns out "Perpetual Dream Theory" is his band. These are "see foo" writeups, but they're offtopic, which is worse than the usual. They limp shamefully back to the gel. I think m_turner pointed these out to me; thanks.

  • Miscrosoft by binarybits (Never seen on E2): He doesn't like Microsoft. In fact, he dislikes Microsoft so much that he can't even stand to spell it right. There's no wit, wisdom, insight or information here: Just bile.

  • Miscrosoft by Sam Beckett (Never seen on E2): Ditto, broadly speaking -- but at least he can spell. Thanks to Seqram for spotting this node.

Naughty, Naughty Nodeshells: Miscrosoft

Users with No Writeups: Sam Beckett (not the real one, I suspect)