• There was no one left to speak up by wharfinger: Ad-libidum ululations about The Resolution of the DMan Situation, in response to remarks made by another noder in the same node. I'm told that the two hashed it out, came to something resembling an agreement in principle, and shook hands. The other noder had intended his remarks to be temporary, and removed them ahead of schedule. This writeup had been intended to last only as long as those remarks lasted, so it got whacked ahead of schedule too.

    The substance of the what they ended up agreeing about had a lot to do with the fact that people who are happy about The Resolution of the DMan Situation are somewhat confused, and the two noders find them somewhat annoying. This is not a happy thing. It may be necessary, but it is not a happy thing.

  • Crack laced rubber nipple by Spackle: An aimless in-joke about one of the author's friends. I informed the author.

  • little letters by badtz-maru: "These are pressed to make code." I /msg'd the user about this and about another slightly-less-useless writeup he noded today (there's a third, also pretty much useless), but he didn't respond.

  • CARELOTS by Maldoror00: By-the-numbers anti-E2 rant. I've killed this three times so far. Oops, four. Five... On #6, ideath persuaded me to humor him, so I quit while it was still funny.

Greeted newbies. Chatted with previously greeted newbies. Lotsa nice people here, believe it or not.

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