More in sorrow than in anger, I wrang its scrawny little neck:

  • don't by Zane Corwin (never logged in)

    "...piss me off!" Okay.

    I'll be returning to do some serious curettage on this numbskull. Lots of mindless one-liners.

    Friends, E2vians, cats and kittens, the hep and the square: Someday ages and ages hence, an editor may see one of your useless writeups, nail it on sight, and then do a user search and kill nine out of ten of the little treasures you barfed up. The world "numbskull" will float through his or her head. Is that what you want? No? Don't node crap.

  • what inspires noding? by Revera

    "3 words: Hot Monkey Lovin'", no links.

    And what inspires editors? . . . he asks rhetorically. Nailed this one right out of the gate.

  • Hmmm by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    "Well it's a bit like Hmmmmmmmmmm really........*Hehe*" I don't have to explain my reasoning here.

  • Billybob Gatesy by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    Random babble, of interest only to the author and his friends.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    Babble of interest not even to the author.

  • Hugo's lair by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    The URL of his web page, which no longer exists. No links.

  • Asuka Langely Soryuu by hugoquixote (never logged in)

    He adds nothing. Another writeup in the node says that the title is misspelled, but I wouldn't know. It seems to be an anime thing. Anyone?

  • Listen up smokers! by ralph noder

    The author informs us that he is stoned. The editor is much taken by the gritty realism and naked honesty. The tense now changes.

    The editor /msg'd the author and received no reply. The writeup bounced twice with a loud clanging sound as it landed in the bit bucket, and then came to rest lying on its right side. It wobbled slightly for a moment, and at 04:18 Sun Sep 3 2000 (server time) all motion ceased.