• moose poop by EchoFive (last seen July 20): "Collected from the northern woods of Sweden and sold to idiots, loonies and stupid german tourists. Sold via Smell-O-Vision." Um, right. Actually, there was a nice Swedish woman behind me in line at the grocery store today. Go figure. Did I tell you my cat is friendly? Yeah, he has big fluffy feet. My neighbors are kinda weird, though.

  • 36 by Otto42 (last seen June 14): "The number thirty six. 1 more than 35, 1 less than 37." That's not what I call "better than nothing". It's identical to nothing, except that it's more verbose. Heed Occam! And some fool is bound to stumble on this crap and imitate it, like cantsin did.

  • eleminate by redhog: He thinks that's how you spell "eliminate". He's wrong. If you find that a common word is "missing" from E2, you are spelling it wrong. Use your head.

I lost it and flamed a user, Zari, after completely misunderstanding something s/he had said. I was wildly wrong, and I was a serious asshole about it, too. I used foul language and I invoked the name of Our Lord. This is not a real cool way to behave. I will sleep now.

Evil nodeshells: eleminate

0xFC0FC3A will die, but not tonight. Ditto the first writeup in dirty little monkey: An abomination. I will enjoy ripping its ghastly little lungs out.

/msg'd Niai with a laundry list of corrections for The Inverse Square Law.

/msg Feinorgh it's clever of you to reiterate an ancient and tired joke like {Does this singularity make me look fat?}, and I think your next clever move would be to submit a {E2 Nuke Request \ nuke request}. {Rennet} - "recumbant" (sic) DNA {tonight and the rest of my life} - just shut up and hardlink the goddamn song titles /msg Zari don't fucking "keep it in mind", just fucking DO it for christ's sake, okay? /msg SirNAOF {rape} isn't quite what we're looking for, i'm afraid: in-jokes don't mean much to people who aren't in on them. i'd recommend a {E2 Nuke Request \ nuke request}, becuase it's very likely to be killed. /msg Xamot some typos in {Splash} : "speech", "incredible", "sequel" /msg spiregrain in {The time I flooded my home}: a {lintel} is at the top of a doorway; you're thinking of the {threshold}.