Writeups killed:

  • bordem by ryan clappert: The title is misspelled. The writeup was incoherent, poorly spelled, unformatted, and useless. There were no apostrophes in the contractions, no hardlinks, and no capital letters. I /msg'd the user with some helpful links. It was the user's first writeup. When a user has only one writeup, XP isn't lost when it's killed. Merciful are the ways of E2. Ack, that's not true: The XP doesn't adjust until they do a second writeup, is all. Or it adjusts but doesn't display. Or something. Ack.

  • bordem by Infinity: "No insult but you could try learning how to use the BR HTML tag to cure your boredom...." Ha ha. This is not a helpful way to greet a new user, and it's hardly "noding for the ages", either. E2 is not IRC. I notified the user.

  • net positive by kang (long gone): The node title is misspelled, and the writeup doesn't have much to offer beyond bile directed at competing products: "Bloatzilla . . . internet exploder" etc. The properly spelled node (NetPositive) has two writeups in it, both of which are more informative; we don't need this. None of the three writeups mentions the worst limitation of NetPositive, which is that POST truncates fields longer than 512 characters (as of R4.5, at least). I hate to kill a pro-BeOS writeup but it just didn't deserve to live.

  • ass chip by stephendl: Empty. The user signed up the other night and stayed for twenty-four minutes. This was his only writeup. I suppose he may be back, but I doubt it.

  • John Vranesevich by kang: "responsible for the death of packet storm. a dickhead". Obsoleted by an even more bilious but vastly more lucid and informative writeup by donfreenut. Looks like this Vranesevich guy rubbed some people the wrong way.

  • Quad Damage by kang: This had one snippet of content, which was covered later in the node.

  • Flipmode Squad by kang: "flipmode is the squizod", no hardlinks. Buddha said "pay attention". Kang said "flipmode is the squizod". Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?

  • contrariwise by TheLocust: "A blend of two words, contrary and otherwise." Bullshit. I dislike people who make stuff up and then present it as fact.

  • Tacoma by patientfox: "A fucking pit of depravity!" I asked the user to add some content a few days ago. If you can't write a few lines on the "pit of depravity" theme, well, I just don't know what to say.

  • I understand this and find it very interesting, so i'm voting it up. by remleduff: It was a nodeshell. He wanted to know why it was empty, how he could vote on it, etc. I sent him a /msg explaining why it wasn't a good writeup, directing him to some documentation, and suggesting that he ask questions in the chatterbox rather than in writeups. (An hour later: He's done two good writeups, and I upvoted 'em both.)

  • wildebeast by chaosdiscord: "Big hairy animals, kinda like cattle, but much weirder." Misspelled title, not worth saving. I don't know if the user is "departed" or not: He was here on 9/30/00 and did one writeup; all previous writeups are 11/13/99. I /msg'd him anyway. Amida Buddha gets very angry when you misspell "wildebeest".

  • woodlice by goatfoam: "plural of woodlouse". Gee, I never knew that.

Uberfetus' quotation down there translates as "My underpants are chafing because I filled them with sherbet." Is this appropriate behavior for an editor? The guidelines clearly specify ice cream. I've followed the guidelines carefully and have experienced no chafing at all.

Nodeshells that Offend Jesus (and Amida Buddha, too) Just By Existing: