I break for little furry things and all, but there some things that run out in front of my car and I swerve to hit 'em . . .

  • sic by herbapet: "When interviewing, the interviewee will sometimes slip into slang or pronounce words with an accent. This is where sic comes in. Sic is actually an acronym for: Spelling is correct." The derivation is wrong, and the definition is unclear if you don't know what it means already. I asked the user to get it nuked yesterday, and he said he would. You think I won't come back to check? Other writeups in the node give correct information.

  • klipper by klipper (fled): "LOOKING FOR WHITE GIRL TO BE MY GURL FRIEND! I HAVE A PIC!!! E-MAIL ME AT Klipper474@aol.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chicks dig exclamation points.

    klipper was here for a grand total of eleven minutes on July 17, 2000.

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