Grooviness: I swept up The Old Node Revival Squad by sleeping wolf and bore it to the green green slopes of the Page of Cool, where it reposes in glory. I really dig the idea, and I hope it prospers.

If I HAD to do quality control on E2, which writeups would I kill?
  • If you HAD to fuck one of the presidential candidates, who would you choose? by psydereal: Noooooo . . . It was better than I'd expected, but not good enough to justify the thirty desperately unamusing imitations that would have collected beneath it. I /msg'd the user.

    psydereal re-noded this as a result of a misunderstanding after talking to another editor about it. It's still there, too (and has already collected three pointless responses). Go figure. Those responses are doomed. psydereal has maintained an admirable sense of humor about the whole thing.

  • If you HAD to fuck one of the presidential candidates, who would you choose? by deep thought, rae, and fricto: Witless one-liner responses. The original writeup was amusing. It wasn't immortal prose, it wasn't Noding for the Ages, but it made me smile. I killed it mainly because I knew it would attract crap like this. The users were notified, and they were all pretty philosophical about it.

  • no, she really bites by bvmcg (long gone): "I'm serious! Natty bites! Hard!!! Draws blood!!!" Great. Thanks for the heads-up. (And thanks to whoever soft-linked it to the ed log here).

  • Natty by bvmcg "Natty is a nice vixen with a penchant for MUF programming. She bites. Actually, she just nibbles." Um-hm.

  • Blockstackers Needs Pictures by bvmcg: A feature request from some time before the Reformation: "What good is a definition of Bill Gates without a companion picture of the man himself?" Plenty good, actually. Who the hell cares what he looks like? "Bill Gates" was hardlinked to "Satan", of course, and "the man himself" to "feces". I gleefully spared bones' reply, which mentions "endless self-portrait butt shots".

  • DOS memory management by Wormer (departed): "DOS has/had memory management?" Sigh... For those who don't do this stuff, 16-bit DOS and Windows had hellish constraints on use of memory. A writeup about that might be interesting (and we've probably got one somewhere), but this is not informative.

  • DOS memory management by VAXGeek (departed): "I like Less than Jake and ska music. Linux is also groovy, and almost as good as peanut butter." WTF?

  • consequences by dweebette (long gone): "From the root word CON which means to try and get away with something you shouldn't... and SEQUENCE... which means a segment... generally refferring to time... as in TIME OUT." Bullshit.

  • little boys by napir (departed): "Jon Allen likes little boys." Hmmm... puerile, stupid, offtopic, probably wrong... Good writeup there, son.

  • Jon Allen by napir: napir doesn't like Jon Allen. I don't care.

I did the Editorial User Search of Death on bvmcg after being undwhelmed by no, she really bites, and ended up C!'ing his writeup for "irregardless": "People using this non-word should be repeatedly poked with a big pointy stick." TESTIFY!

Doomed Nodeshells: If you HAD to fuck one of the presidential candidates, who would you choose?, no, she really bites