Ultima Ratio Editorum:

/msg ieatbabies666 I eat babies could use some work: It drifts off the topic. Communism is really irrelevant. You might want to tell us why you eat babies, your favorite recipes, and perhaps an amusing anecdote about grocery shopping. Thanks in advance.

At dannye's characteristically tactful suggestion, we renamed Read Me First: Getting Started on E2 to E2 Quick Start, because it's easier to remember and quicker to type. With all due respect (and more!) to Lord Brawl and the fine folks who wrote the Everything FAQ and Everything University, I've had a bug up my ass for months now about how the FAQ and University are verbose and comprehensive (and my first write-up is mostly just a pointer to those things). That's not a bad thing, but God knows I've never had the patience to wade through it all myself. How many new users will read all that before jumping in? Not many, I would imagine, but there's information scattered throughout which they need now.

Therefore, I believe very strongly that there is a need to have something short enough that most of them will read it: Just tell them the bare minimum they need to know to get off on the right foot. Hence E2 Quick Start, as the name implies. Do I nodevertise? Indeed, yes, and that bothers me. I'd rather have the thing an un-vote-on-able superdoc or something, but then I wouldn't be able to maintain it. I want this thing to be useful. I welcome suggestions. Our intake of new users is important, and we're not handling it as well as we could.