• You shouldn't node while you're high by piq: "Otherwise you'll forget to fill your nodeshells. Another nodeshell rescued"

    /msg piq I just killed your nodeshell "rescue". "Rescuing" a nodeshell doesn't justify a useless writeup; you'd be surprised how many "rescues" get killed like this.

  • John Wilkes Booth by herbapet: Empty writeup. I assume the content was moved to Thuper_Ranger's writeup in the same node, since herbapet and Thuper_Ranger appear to be the same person. That's fine. What's not fine is leaving an empty writeup without doing a nuke request. If the user wants a fresh start, his technique leaves something to be desired.

  • how to deal with fat bitches who want de penis by de10tion: The kind of crude garbage that passes for "trolling" among people with the wrong number of chromosomes.

Parking by Braile could use a title edit to Parking by Braille, if anybody's (ha ha) bored. The practice is very dear to my heart, and I think it deserves better spelling.

Nodeshells that Give the Lower Primates a Bad Name: how to deal with fat bitches who want de penis