I went for a walk this afternoon. It was a beautiful autumn day in New England. In JFK Park down by Memorial Drive, laughing little children played under the trees, young couples in love sat on the grass, and dogs chased frisbees in the afternoon sun. I lit another cigarette, smiled benevolently, and said to myself, "Exterminate the brutes."

  • 10,000,000 hillbillies by Butterfly (long, long gone): "If 10,000,000 hillbillies with 10,000,000 shotguns shot at 10,000,000 road signs you still wouldn't get a halfway decent dirty limerick." If you're going to make a claim like that, you should prove it experimentally.

  • I hate everything Microsoft by Butterfly: "I hate everything Microsoft. I hate everything that Microsoft has ever done. I hate Windows. I hate Internet Explorer. I hate Outlook Express. I even hate Space Cadet. I hate Bill Gates. Hate is a powerful emotion." Indeed, indeed. Thank you.

  • burt newton by Butterfly: "I am Burt Newton. We are all Burt Newton." What? What? Burt Reynolds? Wayne Newton? Burnt Norton? Wayne Krantz? Wayne Kramer? John Wayne? Glyn Johns? John Glenn? Glenn Campbell? Speak up!

  • LT WinModem by Butterfly: Whatever it is, he doesn't like it. This guy's even more full of hate than I am. Jesus . . .

  • Redo from start by Butterfly: Drivel.

  • /dev/null node14 by Butterfly: Meaningless babble.

  • Zen and the Art of Everything by Butterfly: "If you say everything is nothing and nothing is everything then what are you reading?" Nobody said that. "There is no node here" You got one thing right . . .

  • bad limerick by Butterfly: "There was a young upcoming poet Who only wrote three lines of verse And they didn't rhyme". Uh, Beavis? That's not a limerick.

  • the agonizing pain in which I live every day by Butterfly: More of the meaningless babble I have to read every day.

  • ABUSE! ABUSE! by a life in hell: "ABUSE! ABUSE! / (Help! that man is shouting abuse at me!) / ABUSE! ABUSE!" Get it? Huh? Get it? Get it? Sigh . . .

  • Attic dialect by perdedor: "nuke this, I brainfarted, putting in request now..." Another user informs me that it's been like that for weeks. perdedor informs me that he did do a nuke request on several writeups including that one, but that one got overlooked by the god who handled the request. Since it was killed with penalty, I asked a god to bless him (looking back some time later after I got to know the little rodent, I'll give you 10:1 odds he was lying).

  • fucking terrible by CaelDeus (Last seen July 19): "Really really bad. See Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, N-Sync, Athenaeum etc." Yeah, yeah, yeah . . .

  • ignorant voting by Randofu: He doesn't like it when people downvote his writeups. As usual, it seems to be axiomatic that the downvotes are undeserved.

  • cock fuckers by IvanaTinkle (long gone): "those who get rid of your node without telling you why or that they got rid of it". Just think: Your infantile tantrum could be preserved for all eternity. Darn it, dragoon thinks he got this one. It came up in Random Nodes, and it was a pretty clear target. Unfortunately, the Place of Dead Nodes rolled over for the day before either of us thought to ask a god about who nailed it . . . So we may never know.

Hmph. I'm trying to search for nodes where title ~ /w+h*a+(s+|z+)(u+|a+)(p+|h+)/ but it's not so easy since I can't express it that way.

Nodeshells We Don't Need: 10,000,000 hillbillies