Baffo's "For the Spunky New User" is a much better first-intro-to-E2 than my own. It does the same thing but does it better, and in a small fraction of the space.

Had a nice chat with an irate lad who believes devoutly that "syndrome" has no 'e' in it, and that his broken sentence fragments are too subtle and complex for me to understand. It's a mystery to me why these kids aren't out there getting paid to write, if they're so good at it.

Attempted to establish communication with some confused newbies. None were malignant, and a couple of them were lucid and showed promise. Sent some correction /msg's to long-time users.


  • Cartoon Laws by lazyr

    "See The Cartoon Laws of Physics."

  • I need to come up with a node that will blow everybody's node out of the water by shaynetonio

    It was a first writeup saying that s/he didn't know what to say, and that s/he should probably turn the computer off and drink some milk. S/he's on the right track, and I'm going to do the same right now. I sent a /msg to explain that it wasn't a very good writeup, and to make some suggestions.

  • Shady Side Academy by Coaster2

    This was an semi-coherent, semi-literate, linkless set of personal impressions of the eponymous school, apparently by a student at the school. The quality of the writing does the school no credit. There's another writeup there which covers the subject well. The user was here for two days in July, produced two writeups, and has not returned.

    The other writeup is better. It's about "a weard Bar" in Brussels. I like "weard". I'm trying to think of something good for it to mean. It might be a pelican with long hair and sad eyes, which lives in the desert and dines on fleas.

Above, dannye mentions killing op-abuser by RST. This afternoon, RST became very upset in the chatterbox about my killing of shaynetonio's writeup. S/he demanded to know by what authority I'd acted, and spoke of going to "somebody" who would "do something about it". My gut feeling is that I was within bounds and needn't be concerned. I looked at RST's most recent few writeups, and that one stood out. dannye and I discussed the issue briefly, and for one reason or another, I passed him op-abuser. It wasn't a kind or gentle thing to do, because editors kill things like that (I'd have killed it outright if I weren't having some kind of unfathomable conflict with the author), but it seems to me that if RST wants to node that stuff s/he may as well take credit for it. I give such tedious and unnecessary detail in case RST looms up again and makes another stink.

Hm, the writeup's been restored/rewritten by the user, and somewhat improved. It will live.